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Health Concerns Everyone.

Companies should also take this fact into account. work+ lets you see matters from a different perspective and helps you to understand what your employees need so that they don’t even fall ill.

Because the most important question for a successful company is: What keeps employees strong and productive? Our recipe for success revolves around focussing on your human resources and thereby minimising avoidable absences. With the help of our software Syrona+ you can keep an eye on your human capital and minimise unnecessary costs.

Trust the number one in attendance management to ensure you have sufficient time and money for the essentials, and benefit from numerous other plus points:

+ Productivity

+ Capacity for action

+ Consideration

+ Flexibility and operating efficiency

+ Cost-effectiveness

“Those who demand results must promote good health.”

workplus AG

Our Strategy

Change of perspective: work+ does not offer an isolated attendance management service. .

What we actually do is enable you to react before your employees feel unwell and prevent absences by using the right tools and training and providing individual support

The usual absence management services that focus solely on what is missing, only takes employees into consideration when they are already ill and neglects all those who pick up the additional work resulting from the absent employee. That is not what we do.


With us, you will draw on your resources and strengthen those attending work. Your employees are the most valuable asset you have. Change the way you look at things – it’s worth it.

“The absence rate of your employees is your guiding indicator.”


Our Services

Are you of the opinion that absences are out of your control? This is not true. We provide managers and HR professionals with the necessary knowledge and useful tools to reduce their rate of absences.

Tools & Training

With the help of health checks, early diagnosis characteristics and health indicators, you can learn to keep an eye on the well-being of your employees and know when to take action at the right time.

+ more about Tools & Training

We show you procedures and ways to maintain and strengthen the health of your employees. We give you tools and provide the knowledge you need so that you can prevent and/or reduce absences. Just through know-how and the right tools – no magic tricks!

We provide:

  • Basic Training in Attendance Management for HR Professionals
  • Basic Training in Attendance Management for Managers
  • Workshop Case Management for HR Professionals
  • Workshop Case Management for Managers
  • Refresher Course in Attendance Management for HR Professionals and Managers
  • Stress Management: We decide to which stress we say “Yes”
  • Employee Events: My Only Health – My Responsibility

Your tools:

  • Health check for employees
  • Health talk for all employees in good health
  • Health interview by a manager who has employees with complaints or absences
  • Health talk by an HR professional
  • Job profile
  • Detailed medical certificate
  • Handbook, manual, guidelines, instruction booklet
  • Authorisations

Support & Consultancy

We also provide you with support in the event that an employee should fall ill or be injured. We provide you with the best solutions for reintegration with the help of IV-pros and other key partners.

+ more about Support & Consultancy

We present you with integral approaches and procedures − a win-win situation for the team concerned, the people concerned and the company.

No matter how difficult the situation may appear – we will show you the solutions.

  • Coaching of HR professionals, case solutions in practice
  • Coaching of managers (and teams), case solutions in practice
  • Individual support: Job coaching, reintegration, returning to the world of work
  • Consulting and monitoring of management and/or project managers; drawing up a concept, calculating the potential savings (health check for companies) and implementing workplace health management

Software Syrona+

Success can be measured. Our proven Syrona+ software records the value of your attendance management in numbers. These will help you to identify behavioural patterns and deviations and to respond quickly to them. In a nutshell: no numbers, no early diagnosis.

+ more about Syrona+

Our monitoring feature also shows which responsibilities trace back to the respective departments, thereby reducing the burden on HR management.

work+ has developed this program in collaboration with AKROS. Syrona+ can be used irrespective of which sector your company is in, and from SMEs to large corporate groups. Save time and money with effective transparency – managing your human capital has never been easier.

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“I do not believe in shortcuts.”

Esther Räz, Attendance Manager

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“Health concerns us all, we have only one.”

Esther Räz, Attendance Manager

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Health is my passion. As a nurse I have been caring for patients for twelve years. But simply treating that symptoms was not enough for me. Looking for alternatives, I came across the concept of “Salutogenesis” by the medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky. His approach is not just to react in the case of illness, but to take into account all the factors that promote health from the outset. This also applies to your company: Create a framework in which your employees can stay healthy.

My career as the first healthcare manager in Switzerland began in 1993 when I became Head of Workplace Health Management at Kraft Jacobs Suchard. In 1996 I took up a position in the Migros Aare cooperative. My team was responsible for 12,000 employees in the cantons of Bern, Aargau and Solothurn. Together we were able to significantly reduce the number of absences and sick-pay premiums. From 2001 to 2004, I set up workplace health management system for JOWA Switzerland and was responsible for the HR Division Centre. From the first year, we were already able to reduce the sick-day premiums by one million Swiss francs.

It is well known that success gives us wings to do more: In 2005 I founded my own company, workplus AG. Since then, I have been supporting companies with a strong team of specialists in helping them to set up and develop workplace health and attendance management systems.


We ensure that your company remains successful and that people are able to reintegrate back into the world of work. We owe our success to many years of experience, our competences and our passion.



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